Preston and Company

We have a passion for creating homes with the highest standard of excellence. Simply put, we love what we do, and we do it right.

“We Build Houses, God Builds Homes.” – Preston Bacon


“Certainly enjoying working with your team. You have amassed quite the crew of talented individuals.”

- Shaun Carver, Trade Partner

“We’ve built our happy place. We love being home and creating a place that will serve our family and someday our daughters and their families for decades.”

- Josh and Kristen Roller, Clients

“You guys are an unbelievable company to work for. I’ve never been paid this fast in my entire 40 years of doing this. Thanks very much.”

- Rick Redford, Trade Partner

“Thank you for loving what you do, and doing it right. Your commitment to excellence and communication throughout the process and thereafter is much appreciated.”

- Uche and Ade Wejinya, Clients

“I had the pleasure of having Preston build my home in Bella Vista. He is without a doubt the most helpful contractor that I have come in contact with in years. He worked with me in every aspect to see that my home was built according to plans and specifications. He made sure that all materials and workmanship were excellent. My wife and I have a beautiful four-bedroom home with a walk-out basement on the lake. Preston Bacon is also a fine and honest young man and is a person that you can always count on to tell the truth.”

- Larry C. Roach, former Rogers Building Inspector